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MLS Next Contact List

🚀 Revolutionizing MLS Next Recruitment for ALL Players! 🚀


🌟 Tired of clubs putting profit over players?


📢 Introducing a game-changer: 

·       EVERY MLS Next team's contact information ALL IN ONE PLACE, for just a few dollars!


✅ Affordable Access:

·    No more breaking the bank! We believe every player, rich or poor, deserves an equal shot at their dreams without the hefty price tag.


💪 Success-Focused:

·    We're not just a business; we're a movement! Our mission is player-centric, ensuring YOUR success, not our profit margins.


🌐 Equal Opportunities:

·    Sick of talent taking a back seat to finances? So are we! It's time to put skills on the pedestal, not the size of your wallet.


⚽ Level the Playing Field:

·    Don't watch others with more resources steal your spotlight. We're here to disrupt the pay-to-play soccer world, starting with MLS Next recruitment.


🎓 One Player at a Time:

·    Our goal is simple: revolutionize soccer recruitment, giving every player, regardless of background, a fair chance to be scouted and play for an MLS Next club.


Ready to change the game? Join the movement and let's rewrite the rules of MLS Next recruitment together! 🌟


Value: $200

Our price: was $9.99 now only $4.95



  • Every MLS Next team's contact information (email, phone number, and twitter)

*Once you buy the MLS Next Contact List you will then be sent an "order received" email with a link to access the MLS Next Contact List.

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